Monday, February 10, 2014


Transfers... man a lot of crazy stuff happened yesterday. I am pretty much a mess right now... my amazing comp just left me, we were both balling and almost got hit by a bus haha. and I am going to be staying in my sector and training a brand new missionary... I couldn't sleep at all last night... this is probably the hardest thing for me right now. I just feel so inadequite.. man. I know I just have to trust in the Lord, but it's hard to think that I am now here, on my own, training someone, mi hija, and I am in charge of everything, in charge of the work here in my sector, in charge of making sure that she starts her mission well and learns everything she needs to learn, and that she is happy and everything. I am just so scared of failing I guess... But I leave for Quito on Wednesday to pick up my new missionary who is coming straight from the MTC... oh man... crazy stuff. I really do know that I am going to learn a ton from this though, it's true that Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need to grow and really reach our potencial. I'm not really one to go out of my comfort zone too often, and this is like miles out of my comfort zone, but I know that I will learn a lot, and I know that this is the Lord's work and if I am humble and obedient and try my absolute best, we will have a lot of success in the next coming weeks... it's going to be hard though, but that's okay, no one said it would ever be easy.

And I am excited... a bit haha. I'm just pretty nervous and thinking about the million things that I have to do and have to remember and everything. But it will all be good, I know that I will learn a ton, and I know that I just have to trust in the Lord. :)

Also, we are doing a thing in the whole mission called, The Faith of Febuary brings the Miracles of March. So everyone in the mission is sacrificing listening to church music in the apartment, and doing a personal sacrifice as well. We also will be sacrificing haveing activities as zones on Mondays and stuff. For my personal sacrifice, I chose to sacrifice one of my favorite things- sleep haha, so every morning instead of getting up at 6.30, I will getting up at 6 and reading the Book of Mormon for a half hour woot woot. It's going to be great, and I know that these sacrifices are really going to help us to see miracles in the work of salvation in March. :D

Anyways, I am doing really well, nervous, but that's okay, it will all be good. I almost only have a year left in the mission!!! Crazy stuff. I really have to make the most out of everyday, time goes by so fast on the mission. But it's great stuff, and I am learning a ton, and love the people here, like always.

Thanks for the support and Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Hermana Wright

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