Monday, February 24, 2014

Training :D

MOM. Oh my goodness. I just barely got the package that the Shaws sent to me for Christmas, and it was soooo nice of them!!!! Can you please tell them thank you? I sent a letter to them a couple of weeks ago, but I didnt say anything to them about the package cause I just barely got it this past thursday even though they sent it like December 11th haha. That is how much packages get delayed to get here haha. Please tell them thank you!!!! It meant the absolute world to me! And all stuff I needed! haha I dont know how they knew, but man... Thank you. :)

And you need to write me earlier on Mondays so I get your email before I leave the internet place haha.

I also got the letters from the Relief Society sisters and holy crap.... SO NICE!!! I pretty much almost cried, it just meant the world to me. Please tell them all thank you!!!!! It is so good to hear that the Sanford ward is doing well :) It just made me realize how much I miss them all, haha... It makes me super grateful to be a part of the Sanford ward family. I can't wait to return back and see everyone!! gahh it will be great.

Haha yes, the weather here is Otavalo is mellow as always. Makes me grateful to be here, that's for sure. Me and my hija are doing really well, we get along really well and are really learning a ton together, which is great! She is sooo much shorter from me, and is from Lima Peru so she talks in spanish super fast!! haha but it is great, we have been having a great time together, and it is definetly a learning experience for me, and I am so grateful that I have the chance to help her start off her mission right, and be an awesome missionary!! She is super cute though, and has a really good sense of humor, which is always the best! We are really trying to improve as missionaries each day, and life is good. :D Being a trainer really helps me focus on what I need to work on to improve, and it really helps me be out of comfort zone and learn and grow. Service is the best though. I love being here serving these people :)

Keep being awesome, always look for ways to share the gospel, the members are really the key to missionary work.

Thanks for everything! Oh and how are Sam and Matt, have you heard from them lately?
Have a great week! Love, Hermana Wright

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