Monday, March 3, 2014

Carnival!!!! Woot!

Well, this week in Ecuador and especially in Otavalo is Carnival, which is basically a holiday where everyone throws foam and water and dirt and water balloons and eggs and flour and whatever else they can find at everyone else haha. It is actually super fun. Like we will be walking along the street and out of nowhere, water balloons will drop from the the buildings above us, right in front of us haha. People have really good aim here. We have almost gotten hit multiple times from super far distances. Also, people are spraying foam litterally EVERYWHERE. They drive by in cars and busses with the windows open and spray foam at the people walking by, or people will walk around armed with water balloons ready to throw at any random person. Needless to say, me being a missionary and a gringa, I am like a double target and can't walk around Otavalo without getting sprayed multiple times with foam. Hahaha it is absolutely the greatest! But dont worry, I bought my own bottle of spray foam for defense. hahaha it is absolutely hilarious in Otavalo right now though, everyone walks around with flour and egg in their hair and on their clothes, and there is foam everywhere. I dont really understand why we dont have this holiday in the US, cause it would be EPIC. But it goes on here for 4 days and tomorrow is the worst day they are telling me. Wish me luck haha. 

Also, you know you're in Ecuador when during church little kids walk around with beetles like 2 inches big, and the moms are laughing about it, like 'Oh how cute are our kids' hahahah I pretty much love the people here. 

Oh yeah, and I got bit by a dog for the second time as a missionary, on the same leg too! Gahh I just have really bad luck with dogs I guess. And I think that Satan posses some to be honest. But I guess there is opposision in all things haha. We were on the way to pick up an absoluting amazing family for church too. They are sooo amazing! We found them contacting and the mom said, 'Oh I'm a member of the church, and I was just thinking about returning back to church when you guys knocked on the door!' How amazing is that. And we are teaching her husband and little girl, who aren't members and they are most humble type of people. Gahh it makes me so happy to be able to teach them. They have a million questions and the husband is already super excited to recieve the Priesthood after his baptism so that he can give blessings to their kids, and they can have an eternal famiily. He also is super happy that he can do baptisms for the dead for his grandmother and other family. And they have their baptismal date coming up soon, and I am soo happy for them! God really works in amazing ways and I am so happy that I can be a part of the work of salvation here in Ecuador. :)

Anyways, love you! And hope you have an amazing week! 
Love, Hermana Wright

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