Monday, May 5, 2014

Faith and Patience in the month of May

Hey mom! How is it going? I am actually going to call you guys later today to figure out at what time I can call from Skype this Sunday! Woot! So excited to talk to you guys!!! Wow, can't believe that Steve died, how sad... loved that car... And so now, you have a new car? I hope you are not spending too much money these days haha

Hey, also, my foot is really perfectly fine! haha there is a very slight chance that I might have to get it operated on in the future when I get back, but really, it is doing super well, and I feel fine walking on it all day. The doctor said that it is healing really well too, so you dont have to worry about it at all, everything is great. Did you really end up emailing my mission pres about it haha. He's great, and I am sure that he will respond to you that I am doing fine. Here on the mission, they take care of me really well, so everything is all good!

This month of May, they have asked us in the mission to focus on an attribute of Christ that we would like to improve on and develop. I chose 2 because they go together so well - Faith and Patience. Faith in the Lord's promises and patience that they will come in time and in the Lord's time. I feel like sometimes on the mission, I get impatient, thinking, well, I am working hard, being obedient, where are the blessings? And then, if I don't see the fruits of my labors, I give up too easily, or lose the faith in the people or in myself. So that is something that I am really going to be working on developing this month - faith and patience in waiting on the Lord and strengthening my testimony and faith of the Gospel and every single principle that I teach. I know that developing these Christ-like attributes will really help me to have a better conversion in the Gospel and true happiness everyday here on the mission, no matter what trials are thrown my way. :)

Also, we just had transfers, and I am staying here in Quito, but I am recieving a new comp! And I training, again! I learned a lot that I need to improve on in my past experience in training a newbi, and so I hope to be able to really help my hija a ton. I trust in the Lord and I know He trusts in me with this responsibility again. It is going to be a great experience as I trust in the Lord, and am really obedient with exact obedience and diligence! :D

Also, this month, W. Christopher Wadell of the Seventy is coming to our mission to speak to us! So that will be an awesome experience and I am really looking forward to recieving a lot of spiritual strength and knowledge from him. It will be a great opportunity to progress as a missionary and focus on my weakness that I turn to strengths.

Anyways, I really love my area, the members are absolutely awesome and so ready and willing to help us out, and even though we dont really have any investigadors that are progressing right now, I know that this area has a ton of potencial and people that are ready to hear the Gospel! We just have to find them haha.

Anyways, life here is good in the mission. I know this Gospel is true and brings true peace and happiness and eternal progression and light into the lives of people all around the world.
Have a great week fam, and I will talk to you soon! :D
Love, Hermana Wright