Monday, January 6, 2014

Nueve ANo!!

Well, life here in Ecuador is going good! This week we really worked super hard and had a ton of lessons with members, which was our goal and it helps out a ton! We have also been working with less active families a lot, and they are sooo nice and always give us food, and we have just had some really spiritual lessons with them, its been great. And they are coming back to church, which is the greatest part! We also have been lacking on visiting members cause we have been so concentrated on the investigadors, that the members this week at church were like, 'when are you going to come visit us?? we miss the missionaries!!' haha they are the cutest! So we will visit a lot of members this week and ask them for references, missionaries love references from members, you should give the missionaries some references haha

My comp is basically the cutest!!! Seriously, she is super nice and fun and we are really teaching according to the investigadors needs, which means just teaching stuff from the scriptures and not super structured, repetive lessons, which I loooove so much better! I feel like I can really speak from the heart and the spirit can testify of my words. Its just such a nice change. We are really working on being super obedient, and my spanish is improving, and man, things are just going good. hmmm que mas... Its raining like usual, and I now know how to make fried bananas!! wooot!!!

Here, for news year eve they have the weirdest tradition, they take their old clothes and stuff them with straw and put masks on them and then when it turns 12am, they burn the 'ano viejo' the straw people dressed in their old clothes haha how weird is that?? But it was really cool to see all the ano viejos on display in the streets. I guess burning them signifies that they are burning the old year to invite in the new year, or something like that haha. then we had a bit of troulbe falling asleep that night cause everyone was drinking and dancing in the streets haha. But we bought pizza and docorated the apartment, so that was fun!

Anyways, there was a quote that I really liked from a conference talk about how probably never will we see faith move an actual mountain, but we will see faith move spiritual mountains and mountains of doubt or pain. And really, I can testify to that. :D I have seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ change lives, and it really makes all the difference to have that faith to move mountains. 
Life in the mission is good, Love you guys! Hermana Wright

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