Monday, December 30, 2013

Nuevo Ano woooot!!

Dang, sounds like Haley is going to do such great things in the mission field!! Ya, that is my address for the whole mission, it is the address of the mission home in Quito, and then they distribute the mail to us. Hey, if you want to send me a flashdrive with church music on it, or CDs, I would love it sooo much. :D I dont think it would cost too much either, I just really want some good morm tab haha. Haha fergs class, nah, I didnt get 9s all the time, just keep practicing and applying the advice that he writes back on the papers he hands back. Hmm ya, just do practice SAT questions, those help a lot, cause they are all basically formated the same with the same grammer principios.

This week we had cambios!!! WOOOT. Seriously, it just feels really nice to have a switch up of comps after 3 months with the same comp, who I learned a TON from and am super grateful for, but 3 months is a bit long with the same person haha. Anyways, my new comp is from Honduras and basically just a ball of happiness and smilies and I think that we are going to work really well together! Why is everyone from Honduras so cool? Who knows haha. But she is super excited to start working, and wants to run in the mornings!!! GAHHH How much luckier can I get?? I am still in the same ward and sector, which I am super happy about, cause I just love love love the members in my ward and I think that the Lord really has great things planned for our sector!

I have so many new years goals this year haha. Do you? But my most important goal that I am making is to try to be perfectly obedient to all the mission rules and everything. EXACT obedience bring miracles. :D I am also trying to be more selfless, I feel like sometimes I am always just thinking about me and what I want out of the mission, but really, I am here to serve other people, and what I want is not nearly as important as what the Lord wants. I am here to serve Him and be an instruement in His work and for that reason, I am so happy :D

Anyways, another thing, our discrict and zone just has some super awesome people who are all just really good examples to me. I have met just some of the most awesome people here in the mission, missions really change lives! Its just a testimony to me that the Lord really takes the weak things of the world and makes them strong. OH! And a member of our ward is traveling to Maine in a weeek! He is staying in Bangor, how cool is that?! And he wants to visit you guys with his family! Que Piensa?

This past Christmas was soo good! I was just so happy to see you guys and talk to you guys! And then, we went and made cookies at a members house which was super fun. Life in Otavalo is good! Besides the fact that I am still getting sunburnt everyday haha.
And ya, I will write Matt a letter!
Love you guys!!! Hermana Wright

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