Monday, November 18, 2013

Ate Guinea Pig this week!

Sooo this week has been really great! I ate guinea pig for the first time! It was after we taught at a family home evening and the family was like, and do we have a treat for you!! And I was like sweet! Must be some kind of yummy bread or something! But nope! They handed me a plate with a half roasted guinea pig on it! And I was like, crap... I have to eat this... because it is wicked expensive here, and kind of a delicacy. It still had the claws and everything on it!! But it wasn't too bad surprisingly, tasted like a different kind of chicken. Still, eating the skin was kinda gross..

We went to Quito this past week and visited the Pandecium? I think that is what it is the called, the huge statue that is like a symbolic tourism spot of Ecuador. It was huge and really beautiful. I will send pics next week, cause I forgot my camera cord again this week. But it was really amazing, we could see the entire landscape of Quito and there are sooo many people!! And we were able to meet with the mission president and that was really a great opportunity, he is super spiritual and does so much for the mission. We also had stake conference in our stake in Otavalo and that was really a great experience as well! Mostly all of the talks were centered on missionary work and the importance of sharing the gospel, even with just one person a day. If everyone in the church did that, it would make such a difference!

There is a lady talking on the phone next to me, and she is talking really fast in Kichwa... And I dont understand a thing haha. I am learning more phrases in Kichwa, but it is so much different than espanol! For example, here is how you say How are you? Alli sha chu ti kangy? And I have no idea about the spelling. But ya, it is super fun. And we were all able to dress in the indiginous clothing this week for conference as missionaries, so I will send pics of that as well next week.

Im halfway through my first 12 weeks here! Woot woot! And at the end of December, I will be through my 12 week training as a missionary! All the new missionaries start in the feild with a 12 week training program and their trainer, or senior companion. Also, we are recieving 37 new sisters then too, so there is a pretty good chance that I will training a brand new missionary!!!! AHHHH I am just freaking out a bit. But I know that all things are possible with the Lord, and that this is His work, thus, He will make all things possible that He wants me to do. Life is so good as a missionary :)

Love, Hermana Wright

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