Monday, October 14, 2013

First Few days in Ecuador!

Ach! Okay, there is so much to tell you guys, but not too much time to tell it!
So, the first area that I am assigned is in Otavalo and it is absolutely AMAZING! It is seriously like a picture taken out the National Geographic, the mountains in the background, the mist, the stone streets and the cement houses and then the more rich downtown area is more colorful housing. And the people! They are so nice! The mission presidents's wife told me when I got assigned here, that I would serving the decendents of the Lamenites, and these people really are! All the preisthood holders in the church have long braids down their backs, and these people wear a special kind of indigiounous dress to church each Sunday, it's very colorful and native to Otavalo. And of course, my companion tells me Saturaday night that we are going to a member's house to dress like that for my first Sunday here! I will send you guys a picture haha.
It was also fast Sunday the first Sunday we were here, and my comp tells me, okay, we are both going up to bear our testimony, and I was like que??? But, I got up there, apoligized for my Spanish, and bore my testimony about the importance of the members and missionaries working together to be more successful in the mission. My comp said that they could understand me, so I will take her word for it haha. A lot of people here speak another language though, Kichwa, so it's kind of hard when we are teaching lessons and they start to talk in it, because we both have no idea what they are saying! It's waay different than Spanish.
My comp is from Belize! Her name is Hermana Landero and her native language is Creol but I guess that it is so similar to English, that she understands all of my English. She is super hard-working and really nice, so I like having her as a trainer.
Our apartment is really cozy but nice, the hot water situation is kinda bad, so my showers are really short haha. But I dont have to buy too much food, because the members feed us a lot! And I mean a lot! The plates of food are HUGE. A lot of rice, meat, tomatoes, and eggs. It's really good though! They are such nice people... I can't wait until my Spanish gets better so that I can understand better what they are saying... they speak really fast!
Our lessons have been well so far, my goal this week is to contribute more haha. I mostly just sit there and try to follow along, but they speak so fast and kinda softly, so it's hard, but I am getting better. I have recited the First Vision to a lot of people, haha that is one thing I can do well right now. And said a lot of prayer.
No one knows where Maine is, so I just say that it is close to Canada and very cold. It rains a lot here. And there are a ton of dogs. And everyone has very big families as well. The kids here are soo cute!! And they love to shake my hand and say hello in English. They think it is the funniest thing haha.
Well, so far Ecuador is great, I love it. The work here is really progressing, and I am so happy to be a part of it. The people are so humble here and open to talking to us. The busses are crazy. I really love it here. :)
Hope everything is well with you guys! Les quiero!
Love, Hermana Wright

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