Monday, April 7, 2014

Quito!! ;D

Ya, conference was absolutely amazing!!! Wow, I loved it! My favorite talks were from Bednar, about how the loads we have in life give us life saving spiritual traction to progress, and Uchtdorf, about how gratitude is the key to happiness and we should have a grateful attitude, not just list off stuff we are grateful for, and boy have I learned that in the mission! Those 2 talks I really felt were just meant for me, and answered a lot of the questions that I went into to conference with. It was really a great testimony to me about how inspired the words of the apostles and prophets are in these latter days to address the needs of the church and individual members. Really amazing stuff. I also loved the overall theme of love and showing kindness and giving service that is so needed in the world today. If that is not a call to action, I dont know what is!

That is great about Sarah's recitle, I wish I could have been there to see her, must have been really amazing. Yay! Spring! Here it is warmer in Quito than where I was before, and it is really great experience city life! They have such american food here, makes me so happy :D And a real mall!!! Gringo land!! haha good stuff. And my comp is from Peru, from the coast and has very little time left in her mission, so I am learning a ton from her, and we are both keeping each other very animated and motivated with the work of salvation! The members here are great as well, super motivated to work with us and just great people, always happy and laughing.

But the second day I was here in my new sector, I fractured my foot :(
Here is what went down - I was just walking along, a happy missionary, and BAM! random hole in the ground! welcome to quito haha and ya, now I have a fractured foot... :( but ya know, the x rays are pretty dang cool! it's not too bad though, I spent a day in the hospital and I only had crutches for another day, and now I am working again! woot woot! Miracle of the mission, it is really healing soo fast! and I am actually really grateful for this experience, cause I was thinking that I would have to go home, and I was like NOOOOOOOOOO (I was on the verge of tears thinking about if I had to go home because of this) but ya! Now I am just SUPER grateful for everyday that I am blessed with here on the mission! :D Always be grateful for the opportunities and experiences you are blessed with from the Lord.

Dont worry about me, life is good, and I trust in the Lord with every experience working out to my good, to some lesson learned or attribute of Christ developed.

Hope all is good back there, and say hi to everyone for me!!! Love you! Have a great week!
Hermana Wright

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