Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Week at the CCM!

Hola familia!
Wow. Finally have a P-day!! And it feels so great! I feel like I can connect with the world again jaja. This is my first P day since I got here cause my P day is on a Thursday so it took foreeeever to get here.
The CCM is so great!! I love it! When we first got here, people kept saying that is is the best place to go MTC wise, and now I totally agree! Basically, Mexico City is the most crowded city ever with just houses on top of houses and cars and people everywhere (and the driving is INSANE), so the CCM is like it{s own little oasis in the middle of it with green and trees and everything jaja which is hard to find here I guess.
Life is great though! My companiera is the sweetest person ever with the most AMAZING testimony!!! I help her out with Spanish a lot and she helps me out with teaching and planning lessons, it{s great! Her name is Hermana Henderson and she{s from Indiana and she went to BYU! So, were basically just the most awesome companionship ever. jaja
So, I{ll just tell you my basic schedule, we get up at 630, get ready, study BoM for an hour, then breakfast. Quick sidenote, the food here basically consists of meat and bread, not the greatest jaja but when there is salad and fruit, which is usually only mellon, it{s not a bad day! Oh also, it rains here, like downpours every day at around 630! It{s craaazy! Always without fail, it will rain and thunder. Anyways, after breakfast, we study language for until working out, which is right before lunch. And I thought I knew spanish pretty well before I got here, so I would be set, right? wrong. jaja I dont know any gospel words or how to give lessons at all jaja. But I{ve been learning so much, so it{s been pretty good. Usually during the time we are supposed to be working out, me and hermana henderson are plannning our lesson to give to Raquel, our fake investigator that is actually an Amercan teacher, cause it really takes a while to frist plan what we want to teach her, and then translate that all into spanish and then try to memorize it so that we dont have to  look down at our paper the whole time.. The first few days teaching her were rough, but really, after we prayed a lot for guidance on what to teach her, and what could help her the most in her life and her problems, our lessons got a lot better! she actually started to pay attention to us! jaja, but yesterday was our last lesson with her, cause now she is going to meet with us and tell us what to do better next time and stuff and then she will be our new investigator, with a different personality and different problems. so, it{s pretty cool how that all works out!
After lunch, we usually just plan our lesson and then teach raquel and we also do this computor program thing every day that helps us to learn more gospel spanish. yaa, it{s pretty great! I help my district out a lot with spanish, cause they mix the intermediates with the beginners. But I love my district! they are so cool and so spiritual and it{s  really amazing. All the missionaries here are pretty awesome anyways, but I just feel especially blessed with my distict and teacher, hermano wolfe.
We got to go the Mexico City temple today too!!! It was so great! :D basically made my week!
Miss you and love you all! I{ll send pics soon.

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  1. That sounds so great!!!! Email us soon!!! <3

  2. You are already serving others(teaching them irrespectively of the fact that you still learning)..Great spirit!!!!!